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A community built by design thinkers, for design thinkers.


What is the Design Thinking Zeal?

The Design Thinking Zeal is an online gathering for design thinkers around the world who are interested in exchanging skills and sharing stories about how we’re using design thinking. 

But what's in a name?

Why Zeal?



Zeal is the word for group of zebras and they are generally social animals that live in small harems to large herds. We’re also building a community of creative spirits that recognizes we are stronger together.



The black and white stripes are zebra’s equivalent of a fingerprint. We’re all unique and value each other’s differences. Each of us in the community are using design thinking in different way so there is so much to share and learn.



Another word for a group of Zebra’s is a 'dazzle’ and when design thinkers come together we dazzle!



Zeal also means "great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective” which seems fitting since we’re all pretty excited about the topic! (Yay for nerdy puns!)


Community Principles

principle 1 image no text.png

A key principle of the Zeal is that it is for the community, by the community. Zealers are curious people and we want to learn from you - the frontline practitioners. This is a space for you to connect, engage and experiment with design thinking. As active participants, you contribute to the health and longevity of this community. 

Raise your hand and say yes.

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Mindful takers and generous givers unite.

Zeal members believe in giving without asking for anything in return and taking with the intention to share and grow. We believe in amplifying what we learn in the Zeal in our networks.

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With diversity, we find strength. The Zeal values the visible and invisible qualities that make you who you are. We strive to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of the Zeal. We are intentional ensuring representation of our presenters and have committed to 50% presenters representing equity deserving groups.

It takes all kinds of people.

principle 4 image no text.png

Be you,
with us.

We ask you to show up as a human, not your company. We are committed to building an eclectic and vibrant community where everyone feels like they belong. We are intentional about the design and format to encourage meaningful connections across our community. 

principle 5 image no text.png

You gotta nourish to flourish.

Everyone has a lot on their plate these days so only join if the Zeal nourishes you. You can’t pour from an empty cup so leave “invitation guilt” and FOMO at the door - we will always welcome you with open arms even if we haven’t seen you for a while!


Watch Previous Zeals

The best Zeal experience is live in real-time because we design it to be interactive but we also record the session so that anyone who was unable to join in real-time doesn't miss out. Sharing the presentations is part of our commitment to democratizing access to skills, information and inspiration.

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zeal #92

Join the dazzle.

Our community currently gathers every other Friday from 10-11:10am EST.


Since the Zeal is community (i.e. not a newsletter), once you sign up you will receive an invitation to a Meet & Greet so we can personally welcome you. We're so excited to meet you and learn how you dazzle! 

If you are curious to know more, complete the form below and stay tuned for updates.

How did you hear about the Zeal?

We're looking forward to connecting!

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